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Dear Participants of the CIPA Certification Program!

Presently the Eurasian Council of Certified Accountants and Auditors (ECCAA), is the defendant in court proceedings initiated by several former leaders of ECCAA, acting as plaintiffs

The court proceedings take place at the ECCAA registration place in Almaty, the Republic of Kazakhstan. .

In order to solve issues related to issuance of CIPA certificates based on the results of the latest sessions, the constructive part of the ECCAA members, which comprises 2/3 of its full membership, twice came with the initiative to conduct a general meeting of the ECCAA to introduce changes to the Provision on CIPA Certification and start issuance of the certificates. However, those opposed to the changes twice obtained a favorable court decision to prohibit conducting such meetings as an interlocutory injunction.

At the moment the court proceedings which started on June 17, 2013 still undergo trial litigation.

Due to the ongoing litigations the ECCAA was forced to suspend the issuance of certificates “a Certified Accounting Practitioner” and “a Certified International Professional Accountant”.

But this doesn’t mean that the participants, who have successfully passed the examinations and fulfilled other requirements necessary to receive the certificates, will not receive them. This only means that the certificates will be given to them later, after the present situation is settled.

It is possible that the first level certificate - “a Certified Accounting Practitioner” – will have another name, because in the last few years the general meeting of the ECCAA decided that the main certification level is CIPA – “a Certified International Professional Accountant”.

Together with all the CIPA program participants – with or without the certificates – we are concerned about the present situation.

If you already have a certificate, then you should think about attending professional development seminars in a timely manner and fulfilling other membership requirements of the organization of your membership.

If you are still waiting for a certificate or just started the study process, be patient – you will definitely get it after the court proceedings are over.

In order to pass examinations for a CIPA certification, candidates should address the official ECCAA providers only. Their list and contact information can be found at the website www.cipaprogram.org.

If you have already passed the examinations and wish to receive a certificate, then you are advised to go to a professional organization which is an ECCAA member in the country of your residence. Make sure you check the status of this organization on the ECCAA website, because only full and associate members of the ECCAA are authorized to issue certificates. The ECCAA members, whose membership is suspended, are not authorized to issue certificates.


СIРА Program (a Certified International Professional Accountant) is a Russian version of the international certification of professional accountants.

The name of the program (CIPA) is the abbreviation of the English name of the СIPA certificate (a Certified International Professional Accountant). The CIPA certificate holders can add the certificate name to their signature as is accepted in the international practice.

The СIРА examinations are the same for all member states excluding the topic of “Taxes and Law”, which is prepared for each individual country and is based on its national legislation.

Administration of the examinations is done by an independent examination network CIPA-EN.

The program was introduced by the ECCAA in 2002 and it has two stages:

a Certified Accounting Practitioner (CAP);
a Certified International Professional Accountant (CIPA).

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