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Attention! Important Information for Participants of CIPA Certification and Holders of CAP and CIPA Certificates!

In connection with the written notification recently distributed by e-mail by “CIPAEN Inc.” without the signature of the CEO or the company’s stamp, I take it as my responsibility as CEO and Chairman of the Board to protect ECCAA, its members, all CAP and CIPA certificate holders and candidates for these certificates, and those member states covered by the current program to provide an explanation of the present situation.

All CAP and two-level certification CIPA certificates previously issued by ECCAA together with a professional organization that is an ECCAA member, are considered to be the documents of ECCAA as the certifying authority, and not the documents of CIPAEN Inc.

All certificates previously issued by ECCAA are considered to be valid. Notifications from CIPAEN Inc. to the CAP holders about the necessity for registration for the purpose of confirmation are invalid and are not legally operative.
There is no need to re-register your certificates.

Certificates of the two-level CIPA certification process issued by ECCAA after June 16, 2013, will also be considered valid. The notification of CIPAEN Inc. claiming that certificates issued by ECCAA in future will not be considered valid is illegal, because CIPAEN Inc. is not a certificate issuing authority. Prior to the cancellation of the agreement, CIPAEN Inc. was only a technical executor and administrator of examinations on the territories of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Under the current laws of the RK, the Charter and Provisions of ECCAA, its members, including the alliance on the whole, cannot act on behalf of ECCAA, misappropriate functions, rights and obligations of ECCAA, including its right to act as a certifying organization for the issue of CIPA certificates.

All claims on behalf of ECCAA made by CIPAEN Inc. or by the ECCAA’s member the POA “The Union of Accountants and Accounting Organizations of the RK”, or other ECCAA members, individuals and/or legal entities are and will be considered illegal and having no legal force.

Herein we urge everyone to consider the above mentioned information before undertaking any actions. Additional information should be obtained directly from the ECCAA office at the following requisites:
Republic of Kazakhstan, 050000, Almaty 86 Gogol Street, office #107
• Telephone: +7-727-2501889
• E-mail addresses: cipa@ecccaa.org, ceo@eccaa.org, n_alimbetov@eccaa.org
• Website: http://eccaa.org/
• Website: http://cipaprogram.org/
• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/eccaa/

The letter of Mr. N. Alimbetov addressing the certification participants – Download.

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