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CAP/CIPA Certification

The СIРА (Certified International Professional Accountant) program is the only comprehensive Russian language international certification program for professional accountants.

The name of the program (CIPA) is the abbreviated English name of the CIPA certificate (Certified International Professional Accountant). The owners of CAP/CIPA certificates have the right of adding the certificate’s name to their signatures, which is done in accordance with international practices.

The СIРА program consists of three components: training, conducting exams and certification.

Though it is not obligatory, training increases the chances of successful passing of exams. Training is conducted either in a classroom or it is self-preparation.

The CIPA program exams are the same for all participating countries, except for the subject of Taxes and Law.  It is generated separately for each participating country, and is based on the national legislation and taxation. The СIРА exams are strict and reliable. They are administered by the independent examination network CIPA-EN.www.cipaen.kz

The СIРА program was founded in 2001 by the Eurasian Council of Certified Accountants and Auditors (ECCAA) with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).www.eccaa.org

The СIРА program includes the following subjects:

  • • Financial Accounting 1,
  • • Management Accounting 1,
  • • Taxes and Law,
  • • Financial Accounting 2,
  • • Management Accounting 2,
  • • Audit,
  • • Finances,
  • • Management Information Systems.

Successful passing the CIPA program exams is the main requirement for getting САР and СIРА certificates.

The program consists of two steps: a Certified Accounting Practitioner (CAP) and a Certified International Professional Accountant (CIPA). A CAP qualified specialist is a book-keeper.  His certificate confirms that he can keep a company’s accounting system and prepare all major reports, including tax declarations.  He has skills and competence, such cognitive skills as knowledge, application and analysis.  A book-keeper is a specialist responsible for accurate recording of operations in accounting, for example a stock book-keeper or a payroll accountant.

A CIPA qualification specialist is an accountant.  He can demonstrate skills of synthesis and evaluation.  In other words, he is not only a specialist who knows the book keeping rules and preparation of reports, but is competent in such related spheres as audit, management accounting, information technologies, taxes, financial analysis.  Such an employee has his own professional opinion, thinks big, can make forecasts and independent decisions.  He is authorized to sign financial statements or tax declarations prepared by him, or the auditor’s report if he checks accounting statements.

Advantages of CAP/CIPA qualification are as follows:

  • • international recognition of the qualification;
  • • more opportunities to find a prestige and well-paid job;
  • • opportunities for career advancement;
  • • opportunities to find a job both in local and international companies.

Additional information:

Qualification Requirements
Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Source: www.eccaa.org

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