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Practical Seminar in Aktau and Atyrau: “Changes and Amendments to the Tax Code from January 1, 2012”

The IS “Accountant” invites you to participate in the seminar on changes and amendments, introduced by the Law of the RK # 467-IV dated 21.07.2011 “On Introduction of Changes and Amendments in the Taxation Regulation of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

The date of the seminar:

Atyrau - November 29, 2011
Aktau – December 2, 2011
Time of the seminar: 9.00 a.m. - 18.00 p.m.
The lecturer: Abdirova Aliya Zhetkergenovna, auditor and tax consultant of the RK
The cost of the seminar is 20 000 Tenge

The program of the seminar:

1. Changes and amendments to the general provisions of the Tax Code on:

- dividends;
- tax obligations;
- payment of tax obligations;
- execution of tax obligations;
- tax reporting;
- revocation of tax reports .
2. Changes and amendments to the Tax Code regarding corporate and individual income tax for:
- insurance companies;
- banks;
- allocation for deduction of rewards;
- fixed assets;
- dividends;
- business trips expenses;
- professional development;
- other changes and amendments.
3. Changes and amendments to the Tax Code regarding taxation of non-residents on:
- permanent representation;
- income of non-residents;
- withholding tax at the source of payment for non-residents;
- withholding tax on dividends, royalties, bonuses;
- application of tax conventions конвекций;
- requirements to the certificate of residence;
- return from the budget or УБВ;
- taxation of income earned in tax haven countries ;
- filing tax reports;
- other changes and amendments.
4. Changes and amendments to the Tax Code regarding VAT and excises.
5. Changes and amendments to the Tax Code regarding taxation of subsurface users.
6. Changes and amendments to the tax Code regarding social tax, tax on vehicles, land and property.
7. Changes and amendments to the Tax Code regarding administrative issues.
8. Changes and amendments to the tax Code under the Law of the RK 100-IV and 200-IV. ЗРК 100-IV и 200-IV.

Participation in the seminar is credited to the mandatory 120 hours of professional development for the members of the POA “The Chamber of Professional Accountants of the RK”.

At the end of the seminar, participants will be awarded the certificates.

Register your participation now!

All questions regarding participation in the seminar can be answered by the phones:
- in Atyrau:

+7 (7122) 32 19 82,
35 41 93

- in Aktau:
+7 (7292) 54 51 96,
54 51 97

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