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How to Choose a Correct Qualification in Finances?

by Anastasiya Rusakova,

A leading expert on educational problems, the Supreme Council of Experts on Sustainable Development of Russia at State Duma of RF, MBA, FICFM, MInstSMM, a representative of international certification programs of Great Britain in Russia and CIS countries.

Due to the necessity of professional development, many Russian specialists in the sphere of finances, accounting and IAS wish to increase their knowledge.
More and more often these specialists not only select programs for their professional development, but try to confirm their knowledge by international diplomas. Let’s try to understand why this approach seems the most efficient for many specialists.
It is not a secret that internationally recognized diplomas provide a good opportunity to increase salaries and to make work more interesting. However, just wishing to have it might not be enough. It is important to have a correct and reasonable approach to study, and it is critical to select suitable training courses. It is quite possible that the information presented at fashionable and expensive training courses will never be used in your job. Making the right choice will save you time and money.

Comparison of Russian and international programs will not favor the former ones because, as a rule, such local programs are based on courses created by local theoreticians and practitioners of the accounting profession. These programs are of different quality levels and are not internationally recognized. CPD programs are conducted by lecturers of higher educational institutions and sometimes by practitioners (Russian IFRS training courses often coincide with 40 hour IFRS training courses for auditors or professional accountants). Specifically, they just provide general knowledge but lack depth in presentation of the material.

Due to this reason programs preparing the audience for internationally recognized diplomas are becoming more popular in Russia. Apart from standards, such programs include economic and financial subjects. Such a comprehensive approach helps people engaged in preparing IFRS reports to form an appropriate way of thinking, which differs from traditional thinking of an accountant.
It is important to remember that examination tasks are far from Russian reality. It is hard to assume that students will find themselves in similar situations in real life. At the same time, employers expect the owners of the IFRS certificates to be able to solve methodological accounting problems in their companies.

It is not rare that specialists with such diplomas or certificates are invited to join their professional organizations. This urges them to continue professional development and update their knowledge every year, which in its turn has a positive impact on their general professional development and increases their value from the employers’ point of view.

Today’s market offers many short term programs on IFRS, finance, internal audit and other topics of the financial sphere. Before selecting a certification program, it is necessary to carefully read each of them and make a comparative analysis. An appropriate program should be selected depending on the needs of the specialist. To assist candidates for international qualifications, a survey of current international programs in Russian and English was conducted, and the results of the survey are shown below.

The first part of the article presents different qualifications or their parts, the examination for which can be taken in Russian. The second part is devoted to certifications in English.

There are training courses in Russia today which allow students to obtain internationally recognized diplomas and certificates in Russian. But apart from Russian training courses, there are international certification programs where teaching and examinations are done in English. As a rule, international certification creates strict qualification requirements, including a Bachelor Degree in education, minimum two years of experience in the selected sphere of activity, and the adequate knowledge of English to be able to pass qualification tests. Let’s try to understand how the offered qualifications differ and whom they are aimed at.

The source is www.edu.gaap.ru

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