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New Year Promotion of the Paragraph Information System!

Promotion – 50%

The Information System Paragraph invites you to use the upgraded version of the product §”Accountant: Legislation and Explanations (Accountant’s Consultant)”. It includes all the normative legal acts which accountants need in their every day activity, practical recommendations of the leading tax experts, audit and consulting companies on accounting, tax accounting and personnel issues, as well as general reference information.

- It contains over 22,000 documents;
- All the materials have reference to the normative legal acts;
- It is updated every day;
- Permanent timeliness;
- 40 hours are credited to the mandatory CPD for the members of the POA “The Chamber of Professional Accountants of the Republic of Kazakhstan”;
– users of the package “Accountant” get a 10% discount to study at the POA “The Chamber of Professional Accountants” (see www.accountant.kz)
- a user friendly browser;
- an opportunity to ask an expert a question without leaving your working space;
- an on-off version

Price list:
90 000 + 60 000 = 150 000 75 000
Legislation and Explanations - 50 %

All questions on the purchase should be directed to the head office in Almaty at the address:
the city of Almaty, Prospect Ryskulova 43 “V”,
тел. (727) 380 60 50 (11 62), 380 60 51, 380 60 52,
Fax: 380 60 34,
e-mail: info@prg.k

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