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ACCA Diploma in the International Financial Reporting

DipIFR qualification was developed for the purpose of providing advanced knowledge in IFRS. It helps to understand basic concepts and principles of international standards and trains the skills of using IFDS in practice.

This course is one of 14 examinations of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) of Great Britain mandatory that have to be passed in order to become a Chartered Accountant. It is the only examination of this qualification held both in English and in Russian. Both examinations are identical.

Both the seminar and the examination are conducted in Russian.

The tutor: Natalya Slusareva, CIPA, DipIFR,
Seminar’s fee: 193 000 Tenge, 148 500 Tenge for the Chamber’s members
Seminar’s date: TBD
Seminar’s time: 10:00 a.m. - 17:00 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday), 90 academic hours
Registration can be done by the telephones: + 7(727) 250 85 24, 250 58 99,
279 20 84

What will you learn at the course?

• understand and be able to explain the structure of the international conceptual framework of accounting
• be able to apply relevant financial reporting standards to the key elements of financial reports
• identify and apply disclosure requirements relating to the presentation of financial reports and notes
• prepare financial statements of single entities complying with specific International Financial Reporting Standards and other related pronouncements
• prepare group financial statements (excluding group cash flow statements), including subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures.

The following specialists are qualified to get this diploma:

• qualified accountants or auditors; or
• people with a diploma of higher economic education and 2 years accounting or auditing experience with the written confirmation from the employer; or
• people with a diploma of higher education and 3 years accounting and auditing experience with the written confirmation from the employer; or
• a CIPA certificate holder.

ACCA DipIFR Program (in Russian) – 90 academic hours

• Introduction to IFRS
• Preparation principles and submission of financial reporting
• IAS 1 Presentation of Financial Statements
• IAS 8 Accounting policies, changes in accounting valuation and errors
• IAS 18 Income
• IAS 11 Contract agreement
• IAS 17 Renting
• IFRS 3 Business combinations
• IAS 27 Consolidated and separate financial statements
• IAS 28 Investments in associated companies
• IAS 31 Share in a joint venture
• IAS 2 Inventories
• IAS 16 Permanent assets
• IAS 38 Intangible assets
• IAS 40 Investment property
• IAS 20 Accounting for government grants and disclosure of government assistance
• IAS 23 Borrowing costs
• IAS 36 Impairment of assets
• IAS 12 Income taxes
• IAS 10 Events after the reporting period
• IAS 34 Interim financial reporting
• IAS 24 Related party disclosures
• IAS 7 Cash flow statement
• IAS 33 Earnings per share
• IFRS 1 First time adoption of IFRS
• IAS 21 The effects of changes in foreign exchange rates
• IAS 32 Financial instruments: presentations and disclosures
• IAS 39 Financial instruments:
• IFRS 7 Financial instruments
• IFRS 6 Exploration for and evaluation of mineral resources
• IAS 41 Agriculture
• IAS 37 Provisions, contingent liabilities and contingent assets
• IAS 19 Employee benefits
• IFRS 2 Share-based payments
• IFRS 5 Noncurrent assets held for sale
• IFRS 8 Operating segments

Activities also included into the seminar’s plan:

• Solving of complex tasks
• Solving and analyzing the examination modules

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