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The Chambers Activity Report for 2012

As of December 2012 the Chamber consisted of 3273 full-fledged, 218 associate members and 42 legal entities.

The Chambers Board of Directors consists of the following members:
The Chairman: Alimbetov Nurlan Orynbasarovich

Baishumurova Gulmira Zhaksybaevna
Begenova Bakhyt Almakhanovna

Independent Directors:
Reiman Cornelis
Victor Prodedovich

Chairperson: Valiyeva Alfiya Khatifovna

Members of the Council:
Akhbutina Aigul Myrzabaevna (Astana)
Patsan Lyudmila Petrovna (Pavlodar)
Khegai Irina Viktorovna (Ust-Kamenogorsk)
Utyanova Menslu Kunysbaevna (Aktobe)

1. On January 4, 2013 the training center under the Chamber of Professional Accountants of the RK the Center of Professional Certification Methodology has been accredited at the Ministry of Finances of the RK, and started the nation-wide certification program Professional Accountant of the RK.

2. On January 09 13, the representatives of the Chamber of Professional Accountants of the RK Mychkina O.V. from Almaty, Khegai I.V. from Ust-Kamenogorsk and Utyanova M.K. from Aktobe participated in the training seminar International Standards of Financial Reporting for SME (IFRS for SME), conducted by the MF of the RK together with the World Bank in the framework of the 2nd stage of measures under the Program of Mutual Economic Research Activities between the government of the RK and the World Bank.

3. On January 20 31 the Chamber of Professional Accountants of the RK together with the IS Accountant conducted the on-line conference Annual Reporting on CIT 2011.

4. On February 17, in Dubai, UAE we participated in the seminar Mentorship the Road to Sustainable Development of Professional Organizations, organized by the Professional Accountancy Organization Development Committee (IFAC). Representatives from Australia, Canada, China, India, Kazakhstan, Nigeria and Great Britain gathered together at the round table. One of the aims of the seminar was to share recommendations and exchange experience for successful development of professional organizations. The participants discussed the issues of mentorship, problems and ways of solving them using the experience of the participating countries. The results of the participants activity at the seminar were used for further development of IFAC Guidelines for Development of Professional Organizations.

5. On April 04 06 the following regional representatives of the Chamber met in Almaty: Akhbutina A.M. and Eshmukhambetova O.K from Astana, Utyanova M.K. from Aktobe, Khegai I.V. from Ust-Kamenogorsk, Patsan L.P. from Pavlodar, Imangali U.I. from Atyrau, Kulchikova Z.S. from Uralsk, Kubiev E.B. from Kostanai, Savastova N.M. from Shymkent, Alekseeva N.A. from Petropavlovsk. The participants discussed the issues of further improvements of the Chambers activities, expansion of the range of provided services, professional development of accountants, certification and active involvement of the regional Chambers members into all these activities. The participants gave a positive evaluation of the Chambers activity in 2012 and made their suggestions on activization of its regional activities.

6. On May 18 in Astrakhan, Russia, the representatives of the Chamber Lozovetskaya Y.N., Astrakhantseva I.E., and Kubiev E.B. participated in the work of the international scientific and practical conference The Epoch of IFRS in Russia. Business Caspian. Organizational and methodological aspects of using IFRS in Russia, international taxation and transition to IFRS in Russia were discussed at the conference. The spokespersons of the Chamber of Professional Accountants of the RK Astrakhantseva and Kubiev made speeches on the analysis of the legal structures of the countries participants of the Customs Union and shared their practical experience of implementing the legal normatives within the Customs Union.

7. On June 1 the Chambers representatives participated in the Round Table conducted by the Almaty branch of the NECK SoyuzAtameken, discussing problems of implementing Tax Laws of the RK. The following persons were present at the Round Table: members of the Chamber of Professional Accountants, the Secretary of the Finance and Budget Committee of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the RK, the Deputy of the Mazhilis Nikitinskaya E.S, representatives of the City Akimat, senior officials of the Tax Department and entrepreneurs of Almaty.

8. On August 28-29 in IPA of Russia (Moscow) the negotiations were held between the Chambers Chairperson of the Council Mrs. Valieva and the Director of the IPA of Russia Mrs. Koposova. After signing the Strategic Partnership Agreement in 2011, both parties continued to develop mutually beneficial cooperation. In the course of the negotiations both sides exchanged their opinions on multiple issues of mutual interest. In particular, they discussed topics of professional development seminars for the members of both organizations that would attract wide audience. The parties have moved along in the process of developing a mutual program that will embrace specific aspects of activities of professional accountants in both countries.

9. On October 02 05 formal meetings of the Chambers members were held in all the regions of Kazakhstan on occasion of the Day of Accountant. The accountants attended the lecturers Overview of the Latest Changes in the Tax Code and IFRS, Accounting in the Framework of the Customs Union, discussed important issues of accountancy development and received gifts. The Chambers partners distributed the following prizes among the participants of the event: 20 subscriptions to the information database Paragraph from the IS Accountant, 20 subscriptions to use the database of the portal Accounting.kz, 11 certificates for the complete study course and certification examination Professional Accountant of the RK from the Center of Professional Certification Methodology.

10. On October 14 16 in London at the meeting of the Professional Accountancy Organization Development Committee of IFAC, the Chairperson of the Chambers Council Mrs. Valieva made a successful presentation on the activities of the Chamber of Professional Accountants of the RK. The IFAC members expressed significant interest in the Chambers activities as dynamically and successfully developing professional organization. Representatives of accounting and audit communities from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South America participated at this meeting. They discussed the issues of development of professional organizations, their membership, compliance of IFAC members with their with obligations, quality control and achievement of financial stability.

11. In the course of June through August the Chairperson of the Council A.K. Valieva and the Director of Business Development Y.N. Lozovetskaya conducted a series of meetings with the Chambers members in Astana, Aktobe, Atyrau, Pavlodar, Semei, Taraz and Ust-Kamenogorsk. At these meetings they discussed the issues of the Chambers activity, certification of professional accountants, professional development, membership, providing services for the Chambers members and extending the geography of the organizations activities throughout Kazakhstan.

12. On September 11-12 we participated in a general meeting of Eurasian Union of Certified Accountants and Auditors (EUCAA) in Tashkent, where important strategic decisions were made and new EUCAA management was elected.

13. On November 14-15 in Capetown, RSA, we participated in the meeting of the IFAC Council were Warren Allen from New Zealand was elected a new President of IFAC, a new strategic development plan for IFAC for the period of 2013- 2016 was approved and six new associate members joined the organization.

14. In order to learn the needs of the Chambers members we conducted the on-line poll on the issues of the Chambers activities and expansion of the range of services provided in regions. The polls results can be found on the Chambers website www.accountant.kz.

15. The Chambers members participated in development and implementation of the accounting training program in governmental institutions in conformity with the IPSAS based on the accrual method for accountants working in the public sector.

16. We signed cooperation agreements with accredited certification organizations in accordance with the legal requirements of the RK.

17. We analyzed the documents of 11 organizations on professional certification and filed our conclusions to the Ministry of Finances of the RK on compliance of those certification organizations with accreditation rules required by the laws of the RK.

18. The Chambers website www.accountant.kz was regularly updated in Kazakh, Russian and English.

19. We conducted on-line consultations for accountants via Forum.

20. In 2012, 132 professional development seminars were conducted throughout the country at 30% - 50% cost discounts, 62 of them were free of charge.

21. We helped the Chambers members to find jobs free of charge.

22. Students of economic specialties had opportunities for internship in the Chambers offices. Five students-accountants had their internships in the head office in Almaty.

23. In accordance with the agreement signed with the IPA of Russia, 313 members of the Chamber were awarded this qualifying certificate in 2012.

24. Starting from 2012, 357 members of the Chamber received certificates and 21 members became the owners of the CIPA certificates.

25. 854 members of the Chamber filed obligatory declarations for their professional development. By doing this, they confirmed their competence level and extended the validity of their , CIPA and a Professional Accountant certificates for three more calendar years.

26. The partnership agreement was signed with the LLP Forum Media Kazakhstan. The regional offices of the Chamber provided their members with free manuals and CDs containing important information on accounting, personnel documentation procedures and taxation.

27. Last year proved to be successful for our partnership with the company 1: Accounting and Trade (AAT). The Chambers members in Almaty were offered 20 free seminars. They also enjoyed 5-10% discounts for study events in the Training Center 1: Accounting and Trade.

28. According to the requirements of the laws of the RK, the Chambers members worked as observers during national certification examinations Professional Accountant of the RK at professional certification of accountants in all the regions of Kazakhstan.

29. The Chambers social projects were as follows:
- Children from Children Village SOS were offered a free training on the topics Basics of Accounting and Basics of Taxation.
- Together with the Chambers partners the portals Accountant.kz and Accountant World we congratulated all the children of Children Village SOS with New Year, gave them New Year presents, fruits and sweets.

30. We participated in the work of the ECCAA Committee for translation of IFRS into Russian.

31. The Manual for Professional Organization Development of IFAC was translated from English into Russian.

32. During the previous year we worked hard towards the opportunity to be awarded the status of the full fledged member of IFAC.

33. We participated in the work of the Advisory Council under the Ministry of Finances of the RK and translation of the IFRS into Kazakh.

34. In 2012, 11 accounting firms became members of the Chamber.

35. We constantly work on improvement the Chambers activities in all the regions of Kazakhstan.


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