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The Chambers Activity Report for 2011

As of December 2011 the Chamber had 2,686 full-fledged and 81 associate members and 24 legal entity members.

The Chambers Board of Directors consists of:
The Chairman: Alimbetov Nurlan Orynbasarovich

The Board of Directors Members:
Baishurumova Gulmira Zhaksybaevna
Begenova Bakhyt Almakhanovna

Independent Directors:
Fawcett Alex
Reiman Cornelis

The Chambers Council:
The Chairperson: Valieva Alfiya Khatifovna
The Chamber Councils Members:
Akhbutina Aigul Myrzabaevna (Astana)
Patsan Lyudmila Petrovna (Pavlodar)
Khegai Irina Viktorovna (Ust-Kamenogorsk)
Utyanova Menslu Kunysbaevna (Aktobe)

1. On March 3, 2011 the Chamber was accredited by the Finance Ministry of the RK as a professional organization of accountants.

2. On November 16, 2011 the Chamber became an associate member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).

3. The training center The Center of Methodology of Professional Certification was established under the Chamber of Professional Accountants, according to the requirements of the laws the Certification National Program was developed, and documents for accreditation as a certification organization were filed to the FM of the RK. The filed documents are being reviewed at the FM of the RK at present.

4. The agreement of cooperation was signed with the Institute of Professional Accountants and Auditors of Russia (IPA of Russia).

5. In accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the RK, agreements of cooperation have been signed with accredited certification organizations.

6. The Chambers website (www.accountant.kz) is regularly updated in Kazakh, Russian and English.

7. The range of services for the Chambers members has been expanded, and it is as follows:

- On-line consultations for accountants are conducted via Forum.

- The Accounting Quiz was developed on the Chambers website, and its topics are constantly renewed.

- 50% discount seminars and training courses for professional development were conducted for the Chambers members.

- 68 professional development seminars were conducted, 25 of them were free of charge.

- The training course A Professional Accountant of the RK on the topic of national certification was conducted for the Chambers members as part of their professional development.

- On October 6, 2011, together with the Information System Paragraph we conducted the Day of an Accountant in all the cities of Kazakhstan, with the overview of all the changes in Tax legislation of the RK in 2012.

- In October November 2011 together with the National Economic Chamber of the RK SoyuzAtameken we conducted a Round Table Optimization of Tax Legislation in Almaty, Astana and Uralsk.

- We help the Chambers members to find work free of charge.

- Free of charge we provide internship opportunities for undergraduate students of economics specialties in the Chambers offices. Five student-accountants have already had their internships in the Almaty office.

- Under the agreement with the IPA of Russia signed in May 2011, the Chambers members who own CAP/CIPA certificates or a certificate of a Professional Accountant of the RK are entitled to receive a certificate of a Professional Accountant of the IPA of Russia. According to Paragraph 5 of Article 22 of the Law of the RK On Accounting and Financial Reporting this certificate is acknowledged on a par with certificates, issued by accredited certification organizations, because the IPA of Russia is a foreign institution and a full fledged member of IFAC.

- We signed a cooperation agreement with the IS Paragraf. Usage of the IS Paragraf is credited as part of the professional development of the Chambers members. The IS Paragraf was installed in the Chambers representative offices in different regions and can be used by our members. CDs containing filed quarterly reporting data are distributed free of charge.

- We signed a partnership agreement with the company 1: Accounting and Trade (AAT), conducted 9 (nine) free seminars for the Chambers members in Almaty. W also offer 5-10% discount for AAT training sessions in the Training Center 1.

8. New representative offices of the Chamber were opened in Petropavlovsk, Shymkent and Kostanai.

9. In May 2011 we participated in the international conference Perspectives of Developing Accounting, Audit and Analysis in the Context of Euro Integration in Odessa. Representatives of IFAC, World Bank, professional accounting and audit organizations from CIS were also present there.

10. In May 2011 we participated in the session of the Eurasian Council of Chartered Accountants and Auditors (ECCAA) in Minsk, and made a decision on improvement of the CIPA program.

11. On September 2, 2011 we participated in the 6th tax conference International Taxation as a Factor to Improve Investment Attractiveness of Kazakhstan in Almaty, organized by the Association of Taxpayers of Kazakhstan together with the Tax Committee of the FM of the RK.

12. We take part in the activity of the ECCAA to translate IFRS into Russian.

13. We take part in the activity of the Consultative Council of the FM of the RK and in translation of IFRS into Kazakh.

14. Together with the Russian Board of Auditors we take part in translation of the ISA.

15. In 2011, 14 accounting organizations became members of the Chamber.

16. On November 9, 2011, we participated in the Round Table on the topic Optimization of Accounting for SMEs, organized by the FM of the RK in Astana.

17. On November 16, 2011, we participated in the session of IFAC, where we joined this organization as an associate member. It took us almost six years to join IFAC. The Chambers intensive activity in 2010-2011 facilitated this process.

18. On November 28-29, 2011, we participated at the meeting of the developers of international standards and professional organizations of CIS and Baltic states in London organized by IFAC and the IASC Fund with participation of the representatives from ICAEW. This meeting was organized for the representatives of countries, interested in using and translating into Russian the auditing and financial reporting standards.

19. On December 7, 2011, we participated in the 1 Forum for accountants and senior managers. The Chambers members were offered a discounted cost for participation in this Forum.

20. At present we improve the Chambers activity in all the regions of Kazakhstan.


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