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Honest Voting in the Competition I ♥ IFRS

21.09.2013. : admin
Dear Members of the Chamber!

Duetothefactsofballot-rigging during the photo competition I ♥ IFRS, all the photos will undergo stringent control and moderation.


Votesforthephotosmadewiththehelpoffictitiouse-mailaddresseswillbecancelled. Photos of the participants who violated the rules of the competition will be removed from the voting process.

Westronglyadviseyounottocreateandusetemporary e-mail addresses for voting, but instead attract maximum number of your friends and acquaintances to voting.
Let the victory be won in a fair competition.

Foryourconveniencethewebsitesaresuppliedwiththemeter counting the days remaining before the end of the competition.

Vote actively and wing the prizes!

All the questions can be addressed to our managers at the following phones: 7(727) 250 58 99, 279 20 84, 250 85 24, 258 24 26.