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Correspondence Professional Development Training Course “Budgeting”!

30.03.2012. Ðàçìåñòèë: administrator
The correspondence training course was specifically developed for the POA “The Chamber of Professional Accountants of the RK”.

Part 1 (15 academic hours) costs 15,000 Tenge.
For the Chamber’s members the cost is 7,500 Tenge.

Part 2 (60 academic hours) costs 37,000 Tenge.
For the Chamber’s members the cost is 18,500 Tenge.

The author of the materials for the course is Slyusareva N.V., CIPA, MBA, DipIFR

The course includes the following topics:

• Development of seminars and professional development courses for accountants, financial workers, economists and other specialists of economic profile.
• Preparation of the audience for qualification examinations on the CIPA program.
• Business coach: IFRS, Foundation of Financial Management, Budgeting, Management Accounting, Planning and Evaluation of Efficiency of Investment Projects, Financial Analysis and Diagnostics of a Company’s Activity.
• Teaching business disciplines: Accounting Theory, Financial Accounting, Production Accounting, Sectoral Accounting, Accounting of Trade Organizations, Organization, Accounting and Reporting in a Company.
• The author of the book “Foundations of Management Accounting” for students of economics higher educational establishments and specialists of economics services.

All the training courses are credited to the obligatory 120 hours of professional development for the members of the POA “The Chamber of Professional Accountants of the RK”.

The objective of the course is as follows:

To provide theoretical and practical knowledge to the employees of economic and accounting services, top and medium level managers on the following topics:

1)Support the functioning of the budgeting system
2) Understanding of the cyclic character and close interrelations ÁÏ
3) Preparation of FRC budget and consolidation of information in main financial budgets
4) Analysis of resourses availability for the main process
5) Visual demonstration of the procedure of testing FRC budgets, etc.

This course is devoted to the study of:

• Technology of formation, execution and evaluation of a budget execution
• Technology of making efficient management decisions based on analysis of budget systems

The topics to study are as follows:

Sales, inventories and production budget (operational budgets)
• Sales budget by responsibility centers
• Development of the payment schedule
• Production budget
• Expenses budget
• System of expenses for production and sales of goods. Direct and indirect expenses
• Direct expenses budgets. Direct material expenses budget. Direct labor expenses budget. Guidelines.
• Indirect expenses budgets. General production budget. Payment flows on general production expenses. Budget of management expenses. Payment flows on commercial and management expenses.

All of this can be done at your convenience and will take no time from your main job!

Registration procedure for the course is as follows:

• Filling in the Registration Form
• Payment for the course
• E-mail the Registration Form and payment confirmation to the following e-mail address: or by fax in Almaty: +7(727)250-58-99

In order to confirm your wish for professional development, you should pass the Test and e-mail it to the e-mail address: or by fax in Almaty: +7(727)250-58-99.

The materials of the course will be sent to your e-mail address within two business days after we receive your Registration Form and payment document.

Download the Registration Form

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