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Foundations of Accounting

30.03.2012. : administrator
Informative and Exciting Information about Accounting!

Lecturer: Pogorelova Ekaterina Alekseevna
The cost of the seminar is 60,000 Tenge, for the Chambers members the cost is 30,000 Tenge.
The date of the seminar: April 2012.
The time of the seminar: 18.00 - 21.00, 60 academic hours.
Registration can be done by the telephones: + 7(727) 250 85 24, 250 58 99, 279 20 84

This training course is for those, who:

wants to understand what accounting is about, to learn to read and understand accounting reports
wants to understand such foundations of accounting as:
- What assets and liabilities are, debit and credit, balance and turnover
- What accounting entries are and how to do them
- What a book of accounts is and what its role is
- What the purpose of an account is and how an accountant compiles clear-cut columns of accounts from a huge volume of information.

The course is aimed at inexperienced accountants and those wishing to refresh their knowledge in Accounting. It will be useful for the heads and managers of companies, not only the new ones, but those experienced managers, who feel the need to have a better picture of the complexity of their accounting.

A simple conversational style of presenting the material and abundance of practical examples will acquaint you with an interesting world of book keeping and become your first step on the road to professional accomplishments!

The classes will be held in a convenient format: four academic hours daily starting from September 26, 2011. At each session you will analyze your home assignments and at the end of the course obligatory testing of the trainees will be conducted.

The lecturer of the course is an accountant with more than ten years of practical experience. She has deep knowledge of the accounting theory, and is the author of many articles and workbooks for accountants.