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Continuous Professional Development

21.12.2010. : admin

Dear Colleagues!

Qualification advancement of accountants is an essential condition to develop and sustain accountants’ abilities to fulfill their professional obligations with competence.


The General Meeting of ECCAA dated October 10 11, 2007, passed a decision to set up the validity of each level of a certificate for a period of three years starting from 10.10.2007, on condition of renewal of the certificate in case of fulfilling responsibilities of a member of a professional organization - an ECCAA member and pursuing constant qualification advancement (120 hours during three years).
Qualification advancement should be done in accredited training centers of professional organizations, of which you are members, dear colleagues.

All above mentioned enactments are described in the Regulation “On Qualification Advancement of Chartered Practicing Accountants and Chartered International Professional Accountants” and in the Code of Ethics of professional accountants in the website of the POA “CPA RK”.

The Regulation of the POA “CKA RK” “On Qualification Advancement” is developed in accordance with the requirements of the International Federation of Accountants (IFA) and outlined in the federation’s official web

Remember, that your professional future is in your hands. Only you understand how important it is to pursue the canons of constant improvement of professional activity.

POA “The Chamber of Professional Accountants of the RK”